Guardians of Good Times Your fun is their business


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The Bouncer

He's got the Power to Keep Peace to protect patrons and safeguard the crowds.

The Bartender

He's got the Power of Foresight to prevent the night from going sideways.

The Server

She's got the Power to Be Everywhere to spot issues and react with lightning speed.

The Retailer

They have the Power to See Through Smoke and Mirrors and Block Shady Sales from taking place.

The good people of the hospitality and retail industries might not wear capes and masks, but don't be fooled – they are the Smart Serve Heroes and they're here to help! With a commitment to service that goes beyond taking orders, checking ID's, making sales and stocking shelves, these intrepid do-gooders work hard to ensure your good times stay that way.

They play by the rules, look out for their customers, and do whatever they can to keep folks happy and healthy. That makes them heroes in our book!

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Pow! Bam! Kerang! Pow! Bam! Kerang!

That's why the Smart Serve Heroes pay attention to customer behaviour, noise levels, supervise lines and doors. These stupendous staffers are literally preventing crime!

Pow! Bam! Kerang!

That’s why Smart Serve Heroes keep a close eye on capacity and exits. Because when it comes to getting everyone out safely, heroes leave no one behind!

Smart Serve Heroes play by the rules, and the rules are clear: no drugs, no weapons, no exceptions. Not that it's anything to be concerned about - with their x-ray vision, our heroes have what it takes to keep everybody safe!

Sniff Sniff
Ugh... Hiccup Hiccup

The line can be hard to spot, especially when you're close to crossing it. But only villains continue serving alcohol to impaired customers. Smart Serve Heroes will make the call when you can't!

The Bartender

Alcohol is for adults, not underage sidekicks. And for good reason! Youngsters should be out doing youngster things, not fending off blackouts and battling massive hangovers. And to the fake ID crowd? NEWS FLASH! Smart Serve Heroes have Telepathy and Common Sense, so think again!


If you’re planning on taking your drink outside, beware! Our heroes’ powers only work in controlled environments, which means they’re powerless to protect you once you walk out the door. Keep your drink inside, and let the Smart Serve Heroes keep you safe!

The Server
The Retailer
The's nothing minor about underage drinking.

Buying alcohol for minors is against the law. Shop, dine and drink responsible by taking a page out of the Smart Serve Heroes' playbook: if a minor asks for alcohol, just say no!

Hey mister...

Alcohol sales require a sober state of mind. If you're intoxicated and trying to buy alcohol, Smart Serve Heroes will stand tall and offer you a sobering "No" instead.

The Retailer

As powerful as they are, Smart Serve Heroes can only do so much. That’s where you come in! By treating them and the rules they enforce with respect, you stand to benefit from their greatest powers – abilities like Good Service, Friendly Staff, and No Hassles!


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